OCTOBER 14th(SAT), 2017
The PHOTO AUCTION of MOPA in San Diego was held in October 14th, 2017. Some photographs of SAMURAI FOTO’s members, Shigeru Yoshida, Everret K Brown, Michiko Chiyoda and Hiroaki Hasumi were come up for the auction. We were very pleased that our photographs were selected and also honored that all proceeds from the auction will support MOPA’s activities.
米国サンディエゴにあるMOPA(Museum of Photographic Arts)のPHOTO AUCTIONが、2017年10月14日(土)に開催されました。その出品作品として、SAMURAI FOTOの吉田 繁先生、エバレット・ブラウンさん、千代田路子さん、蓮見浩明さんの作品が選ばれました。選んでいただいたことはもとより、その落札価格がMOPAの活動にお役立ていただけることを光栄に思っています。

The photographs of Shigeru Yoshida
吉田繁さんの出品作品 / Home page

Yoshida has always aimed for the contribution to the society with photographs. This time, his photographs were come up for the auction and they will be stored in the museum. Hereafter, he will keep contributing for the society and he will act as a bridge builder between the foreign countries.

Two photographs were selected for the auction. The project ‘BORDER~FOR THE PRAYER’ had started just after the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011.
東日本大震災が起こった直後の2012年から始められたプロジェクト「BORDER〜FOR THE PRAYER」の中からの2点が選ばれました。

This project is a photo series of the victims of Tsunami and families who lost their loved ones by the disaster. Yoshida got deeply inspired by their attitude praying toward the sea.

The photographs of Everett Kennedy Brown
エバレット・ブラウンさんの出品作品 / Home page

Everett Kennedy Brown, a Japanese culture researcher, is from Washington D.C, and has lived in Japan for 25 years. He expresses Japan’s good old days in his photographs.

This is one of his ambrotyped photographs from his project ‘Timelessness’. He has been working on the collodion process for more than 10 years. He believes that the ambrotyped photography is perfect for expressing Japanese quaint tradition and the good old days of Japan. It also expresses well Japanese ambiguous culture and the atmosphere of those old days.

The photographs of Michiko Chiyoda
千代田路子さんの出品作品 / Home page

Her dynamic photographs with plot have already been highly acclaimed in foreign countries. The photographs show that the sadness and the loss of parents that people might commonly feel.

This is a photo from the project ‘OSHICHI’. She made this artwork based on the old story about 16-year-old girl who was executed by burning and her lover.MOPA keeps the photograph permanently in their museum.

Japanese sensitive Washi paper is used for this artwork. The Washi paper company makes amulets of Ise Jingu shrine that enshrines Japanese imperial family.

The photographs of Hiroaki Hasumi
蓮見浩明さんの出品作品 / Home page

As a president of SAMURAI FOTO, he has been thinking how SAMURAI FOTO can contribute to the society. For making artworks, he is trying various things not only digital camera but LFC, platinum printings and folding screen style works.
SAMURAI FOTOの会長としてこのクラブがどういう形で社会貢献できるかに務めています。作品制作も精力的でデジタルだけでなく、大判カメラ、プラチナプリント、屏風などさまざまなものに取り組んでいます。

He has done 7 projects using a cherry blossom as a motif. This is from the early project ‘Nippon’ in 2014. He finished it like a Japanese painting.

This is from another project ‘SAKURA ISM Ver. Kimono’. He expressed powerful branch of cherry blossom as a pattern of Kimono.
「SAKURA ISM Ver.Kimono」プロジェクトからの1枚。桜の力強い枝ぶりを着物の柄として表現しました。

PHOTO AUCTION 2017 Photo by Stacy Keck
PHOTO AUCTION 2017の様子     撮影 / Stacy Keck

The PHOTO AUCTION known as ‘LIGHTS CAMERA AUCTION 2017’ was held. This high-class building was luxurious and extremely beautiful.
「LIGHTS CAMERA AUCTION 2017」と銘打ったPHOTO AUCTIONが開催されたMOPA。豪奢で格式ある建物が美しい。

Deborah Klochko(center) is the Executive Director and the Chief Curator of MOPA. She gave us a portfolio review in 2016.
中心にいるのがMOPAのExecutive DirecterでChief CuratorのDeborah Klochkoさん。2016年にSAMURAI でポートフォレビューをしてくださった。

We are grateful Deborah and staffs of MOPA. Thanks for the portfolio review in Tokyo, we had a great opportunity to participate in the auction this time.

Not only the Live Auction but the Silent Auction was held.
オークションにはLIVE AUCTIONだけでなく、クローズのSILENT AUCTIONも開催されました。

About 54 well-known photographers like Ansel Adams had put up their photographs for the auction and about 150 of them were sold.
出品者はAnsel Adamsを筆頭に著名な写真家が約54名。およそ150点の落札が行われました。

The auction was held from 6:00pm to 9:00pm. You can see how enthusiastic the place was from the picture!

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