Ploshchad Mira museum center is the biggest presentation space of modern art in Siberia that forms a creative community and cultural environment in the city and the region.
Ploshchad Mira美術館はシベリアで最大の美術館で、この地域のクリエイティブ交流、文化環境を構築しています。

SAMURAI FOTO group exhibition with new artworks is being held at the Contemporary Art Museum.

June 23rd - September 25th, 2022 /2022年6月23日~2022年9月25日

SAMURAI FOTO started its group exhibition in 2020. 6 members of Yoshida Shigeru, Hasumi Hiroaki, Sasaki Koji, Sato Motoko, Harada Koji, and Everett Kennedy Brown have exhibited their artworks. Adding some new artworks, our group exhibition has started at Ploshchad’ Mira, a Contemporary Art Museum in Krasnoyarsk, Russia. We show over 60 artworks as the theme of “the Great masters of landscape in Japan”. The exhibition will be held for 3 months.


The exhibition is further expanded.

The Exhibition of SAMURAI FOTO began in 2020 in Russia. We held our group exhibitions over 5 times so far, and this time, we expanded the scale of the exhibition by adding some new artworks.
Original Web Page

Ploshchad’ Mira Contemporary Art Museum produced our exhibition.

Short movies introducing the project of other SAMURAI members. You can see them on the website and at the venue of Ploshchad’ Mira Contemporary Art Museum.

Exhibition site

The entrance to the exhibition site. In front of the entrance, visitors can see a largely printed SAMURAI FOTO logo and a message from Andrey Martinov, a Russian curator.
展示会場の入り口。大きく貼られたSAMURAI FOTOのロゴマークとキュレーターのアンドレイマルティノフさんのメッセージ。

Profiles of each artists and the artist’s statements are also introduced.

Yoshida Shigeru has started his new project and one of the artworks from it has been printed in a very large size.

This is how our artworks were exhibited at the site.
Image list

the meesage of Director Andrey

It was 2017, when I first met Yoshida Shigeru, a representative of SAMURAI FOTO, at the international photo festival in Astana, Kazakhstan, Russia. SAMURAI FOTO started in 2012 and about 20 photographers created their artworks in their own ways.
I visited them in Tokyo in 2018. Since then, we have created our foundation and as a curator, I have helped them to hold photo exhibitions. Not only in Russia, but we have held exhibitions in other countries such as Italy and the U.S. Japan is a country with high technology and the photography techniques are also unexceptional. Their technical skills for photography, both digital and analog, are always creative. Members of SAMURAI FOTO have dedicated their time to learning new things, which are scanning, image processing with a computer, and printing on various kinds of paper. They joined the portfolio review in Houston, the U.S., and had group exhibitions in abroad.
The exhibition this time in Krasnoyarsk exhibits their artworks, and the artworks of 6 members of the group, Yoshida Shigeru, Hasumi Hiroaki, Sato Motoko, Sasaki Koji, Harada Koji and 20-year-Japan-based American photographer, Everett Kennedy Brown are included. The theme of the exhibition is Great Nature in Japan. Their artworks are related to nature in Japan. Each of the projects show how people in Fukushima have lived after the tragedy 11 years ago. You will be able to see how people in Fukushima interpret their historical stories and how they devote their spirits to the traditions and symbols.
Project Curator Andrey Martynov

プロジェクトキュレーター アンドレイマルティノフ

Gallery Talk

Many people visited in spite of this situation. As we are under such a hard circumstance, art might be able to warm people’s hearts.

We, including Andrey, couldn’t go to Krasnoyarsk, one of the curators of the museum introduced our artists’ statements.

Krasnoyarsk is located in the Siberia federation. We were impressed many people visited the exhibition and listened to the explanation.

Many young people, especially young women joined the gallery talk.ギャラリートークでは若い参加者たち、とくに女性がとても多かったようです。

This is a very large site and a lot of visitors stayed for a long time to listen to the talk.

Thank you for coming to our group exhibition.

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Nothing will make us happier than having visitors share their thoughts.