Yoshida Shigeru held the solo exhibition at the Museum of Nature and Man, located in Khanty-Mansiysk.

Aug.5th - Oct.6th, 2023 /2023年8月5日~10月6日

Yoshida has been traveling for searching big trees around the world for 25 years. He selected his favorite photographs of the big trees from his collection of 2000 pictures for this exhibition.
The exhibition, named “Big Tree”, was curated by Andrey Martynov who is a leading figure in the contemporary art world. The venue is the National Museum of Nature and Man which was established in 1932, a very old and historical museum, located in the capital of the Khanty-Mansiysk Division in midwestern Russia.
Yoshida’s message video was shown at the opening ceremony. In the message, he explained why he had started to take pictures of big trees. A director of the museum, Mr. Gleb Chechevin shared his childhood memories in nature at the ceremony.

現代アート界の重鎮であるアンドレイ・マルティノフさんのキュレーションによる展覧会のタイトルは” Big tree “。会場はロシア中西部に位置するハンティ・マンシ自治管区の首都にある国立「自然・人間博物館」。1932年に設立された歴史ある博物館です。

Opening ceremony

A vice-governor, Elena Shmakova attended the opening ceremony. He talked about how important this photo exhibition was for educational purposes, especially for the younger generation. He said, “The project like this is a big help for us to understand nature in a different way. It helps us to see nature as a source of power and inspiration. It gives us new energy to feel nature and move forward. This project teaches us how much nature gives us so we have to rethink and pay attention to what we can do for nature. I would like as many children as possible will visit the museum and see the exhibition. I would like them to see nature from a new perspective and think and learn what they can do to nature.”

Messages from children

“Big trees are beautiful. Thank you for the photographs.”
“I’m grateful for the photographer who showed interesting pictures of big trees.”
“I never knew that there are so many kinds of big trees on the earth.”
Yoshida Shigeru was so impressed by all the messages from the children. “I’m happy that I can make a cultural bridge between the two countries.” Yoshida expressed his gratitude.

Special thanks to Andrey Martynov, the director of the National Museum of Nature and Man, all the members of the staff, and the vice-governor of the Khanty-Mansiysk. We are grateful for their cooperation. We hope to deepen our relationship with you more and more. We are looking forward to seeing you again in the near future.
今回の展覧会では、キュレーターのAndrey Martynovさん、国立「自然・人間博物館」の館長はじめスタッフの方々、副知事など、すべての方々に感謝すると共に、今後も木を愛する多くの国の方々とも交流を深めていきたいと思っています。

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