Reviewer Feedback Alfo Maeta 前田 有歩

Reviewer Feedback

All of your images are quiet lovely and very intriguing. I am drawn more to the first three that I rearranged. I think images start to say something more when the elements are not immediately identifiable as different within the frame but when there is a slight variance it feels like there is something happening beyond our control.

With #1 I began to understand the Shoji more and didn't know the name of it until now but it did remind me of the paper doors. In a way the images with the elements of the door can be seen as doorways into the world that is less industrialized than the one you left. Nature has inspired so many creations in the modern world but in nature it will always simply be the organic. #1 feels like there is this imbalance between the two worlds of nature and city with a choice for one or the other and the door gives the viewer their own answer. I get the same feeling with #2 and the structural element amongst the trees, there is this overlapping of worlds where only one can win. You know sometimes our projects begin as one thing and end up as something completely different but all for the better. I say this because I don't see 'invisible radiation' in your images I see a struggle between life in one world and a new life in another. Maybe you are torn between the two and your images are manifesting that inner struggle. Either way these first two really demonstrate that struggle and if you think it matches with how you feel then I would suggest rewriting your statement and taking a closer look at the images you are making. Sometimes the work we make is a direct reflection on ourselves and it takes the eyes of another to point it out. Also #3 is has this human element to it, even close up it feels like the crown of someone's head and the gray patches as stripes. It is organic by nature but there is still some other worldly element to it.

Overall you have a beautiful eye for this kind of work and I would highly encourage you to continue working on it. Good luck with your photography and I look forward to seeing more in the future.

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