Reviewer Feedback Koji Murata 村田 光司

Reviewer Feedback

One rule of thumb is to always document something or someone from all angles and you have done this with this temple. Understanding how to see something from a different point of view is incredibly important to training one's eyes with photography. So nice job demonstrating your willingness to see more than from just one spot.

I do wish I was able to see your images as photographs, though, and not as paintings like you have made them. I wanted to see the variation in light that naturally falls on temples like these and the effects that you have used take away from the photographic elements. Granted I would assume you have learned a great deal in photoshop creating these images to look a specific way and I would encourage you to keep practicing with the never ending abilities the photoshop has, but I would also encourage you to see what simply using your photography and your own aesthetic eye can accomplish.

Also consider leaving your images full frame and learning from what works and what doesn't so that you can fix it within the camera before you take a photo. I've rearranged your images to show you how the order of them can create a story and possibly what some people call a zine, short for a magazine. You might consider making your own comic book of sorts with these, they seem like a great backdrop to a superhero originating in Japan. You know similar to the 'Heroes' series that is actually coming back to NBC.

Overall you have an inquisitive eye and I would encourage you to keep working on making some interesting images.

Additional Recommendations

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  • 18 Composition Rules for Photos That Shine (online article)
  • How to write an Artist's Statement
  • The Artist Statement: How and Why to Write Yours by Jennifer Schwartz

Other Resources to Consider

  • New York Times Lens blog for documentaty and photo journalism stories. Get familiar with the photographers own statements and captions is some of the war torn countries with recovering refugee's.








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