Reviewer Feedback Kazuhiro Sasaki 佐々木 一弘

Reviewer Feedback

Hi Kazuhiro,

Such beautiful and soulful images that you have created! They are spare, graceful and expressive. They are visual poetry and you have captured the essence of the birds in their natural element. Your photographs have a pearly luminescent quality of light that glows with a dreamlike effect. Your use of shallow depth of field is very effective by focusing the eye on the birds and adding a painterly quality to the image overall with the soft bokkeh in the background. I think your artistic statement says a lot that is important and personal about yourself and the reason you're photographing kingfishers. Your passion and admiration for the kingfishers is evident, you are creating a body of work that needs to be seen in many places!

My absolute favorites in this series are numbers one, four, five, six and eight! All of your images are admirable but there are two images that I feel could be modified or possibly even eliminated from this particular series. Image number seven, while beautiful in it's own way, feels different then the others. It's much more close-up and literal and the fact that it has more color than the others adds a discordant note as I scrolled through your selections. Maybe it would fit in better if the color were more muted? However I could see you doing another body of more close up work based on this image that would work together very well as a separate series. An image that I would take out of this selection is number two, since it seems a little repetitive with number three and it looks more "straight" than the others in the way it was shot, with more depth of field and a sharper feeling. Your most successful work evokes wonder and fascination with the beautiful birds and their place in nature and also portrays their ethereal movement in flight. The images that have a softer and more dreamlike quality are the most effective visually and artistically.

Thank you for sending in your kingfisher series, I greatly enjoyed viewing your beautiful work. I think you have a voice and a vision of your own with your photography that will go far as you keep working in this way. I hope to see much more in the future.

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