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This collection gives an impression of waking up in a morning haze. The scenery looks vague from the distance but it becomes clear and the faint texture turns into a strong existence as we approach. When the trees appear from behind the haze, we realize that we are here.
In ancient Japan, crimson color of the safflower was called "kurenai." The nature produces all the colors. Sometimes the nature cleverly hides the colors. We gained colors from the nature from ancient times. We dyed cloth with dyes extracted from nature. Unlike pigments that are painted on the surface, dyes soak into the core over time. I have a wish that I want to be soaked into one’s heart: to enrich and bear new perspectives through encounters, just like layering kurenai and ai (indigo) to replace the expensive gromwell root to make the purple color with richer hue called "futa-ai." I aimed to connect the hearts of people living in two remote places by overlapping two indigos from northern and southern regions. Like the warp and the woof that make a piece of cloth, I wish to weave and connect the hearts of people: to start from uniting he hearts of Japanese and then to the world and bring peace to the world someday. The collection is looking towards the future, hoping that my wish will pass the time and space and reach the future.

Reviewer Feedback

This is a very beautiful and atmospheric body of work and I would like to know more about your photographic process to create these images. I would be curious to know how large you could print them and how they would work large scale. I would love to see prints in the flesh so to speak to work out more about them. There are times when this type of online platform is not the most suitable for the work.
I found your statement very interesting - I suppose I wanted to know if that related (the color dyes from nature etc) to you working process ? or if you are using more contemporary digital affects which I presume you are. They are intriguing and you have quite a unique look to them. I think this is a series you could continue to develop and explore.
The work would suit a book format and it may be worth pursuing this initially online developing your own book dummies and thinking about text perhaps poetry alongside the images. Certainly Japan has a great reputation for book publishing, and some of the best photobooks have come from there. I presume you would know the work of Rinko Kawauchi ? if not take a look at some of her books.
I hope you will carry on with the work and show it to more people. It shows great promise.

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佐藤さんのステートメントはとても興味深く、佐藤さんが作品を作り上げていく過程に、植物から色を作り染色することが深く関わっているのだろうかと考えたり、もしかしたら、現代のデジタル技術の影響を強く受けているのだろうかと思ったりしました。佐藤さんの写真はどれも魅力的で、佐藤さん自身も非常にユニークな着眼点を持っている方だと思います。今回見せていただいたシリーズで写真を撮り続け、さらなる発展と発見をしていってください。このシリーズは写真集にするのにぴったりだと思います。まずはオンラインで試しにやってみる価値はあるかと思います。また写真のイメージに沿って詩か何かの文章を添えてみてはどうでしょうか。日本の出版業界は評判がいいので、たくさんの素晴らしい写真集が出版されているかと思います。川内倫子さんの写真集はご覧になられたことはありますか? もしまだであれば、一度ぜひ見てみてください。これからも素晴らしい作品を撮り続け、たくさんの人たちに紹介していってください。今後のご活躍に期待しています。

(The Photograph as Contemporary Art, by Charlotte Cotton)
(Crusade For Your Art: Best Practices for Fine Art Photographers, by Jennifer Schwartz)
(The Art of Photography: An Approach to Personal Expression, by Bruce Barnbaum)
(Publish Your Photography Book, by Darius D. Himes and Mary Virginia Swanson)
アーティスト ステイトメント:どうやって、どうして書くのか・・・ジェニファー・シュワルツ著
(The Artist Statement: How and Why to Write Yours by Jennifer Schwartz)
(Article and debate on the pros and cons of using post-processing)

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クリティカル マス
(Critical Mass)
フォーム タレント
(FOAM Talent)
(Nature Conservancy Photo Contest)

Akina Books & Nico Baumgarten-A Crash Course in Photobook Making ISSP Summer School 2015

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