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I was born in Kyoto city in 1960. After learning photography at Nihon University College of Art, I became independent through working as an assistant under a professional photographer specialized in food.
I have based in Tokyo, Japan, and I have been taking mainly food photography on advertisements, magazines etc for more than 30 years. Beside work, I joined the alpine club about 20 years ago and I have been enjoying mountaineering and climbing.
After the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011, we have experienced major change in the sense of our core values. Being exposed to this changing wave, I have decided to look back at my life and rethink my work seriously.



I have taken commercial photographs in the food related field for a long time. However, at the time when I was feeling limitation of expressions in commercial photographs, the Great East Japan Earthquake happened. As the sense of values changed dramatically, gradually I began to look into my inner face and wanted to express what’s in it. In the “Articulating the Subconscious Mind” project, I have been trying to capture some signs that I strongly felt in nature and to explore something unconscious by reconstructing it. It is also a journey to discover my true self and I hope that my works will stimulate viewer’s unconscious mind and to help them to discover a new perspective.

私は長らく食にまつわる世界で商業写真を撮ってきました。しかし、商業写真であるが故に表現の限界を感じていた頃、東日本大震災が起こりました。世の中の価値観が大きく変わる中で、次第に私は自分の内面を見つめ、それを表現したいと思うようになりました。”Articulating the Subconscious Mind”のプロジェクトでは、自然の中で強く感じる何かしらの気配を撮影し、それを再構築させる事で自分の無意識下にあるものを探ろうと試みています。それは自分自身を見つける旅でもあり、この作品を見る人の無意識下にあるものを少しでも揺るがし、新たな視点を持つ一助になることを願うためです。

All Images Given from Once-in-a-lifetime encounters

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