michiko chiyoda

Michiko Chiyoda ⁄ 千代田路子


“Triggering to encounter things that inspire me, and visiting places, events in the past, and knowledge concerning them, I wish to create and tell stories which could get deep inside of people’s mind.”
After graduating from a college of art, I started working for an advertising agency as a graphic designer. I then moved on to an optical device manufacturer as a MarCom staff where I could have opportunities to build up my broad network with various professionals in the photo industry.
Since then, I have been tackling on creating my own photo works for years, through which I wish to create and hand on stories derived from encountering magnetic things. In addition to various solo and group exhibitions in the domestic field, I recently started approaching to the overseas markets for photo artists with my works,which actually resulted in being adopted in web magazines, awarded by contests, and collected by an art museum. At the same time, under the motto ‘Contribute to the Society through Photograph’, I have been doing a lot to volunteer activities in which I record and introduce people in traditional art groups and their performances in local spots.



One day, I came across and got glued on a doll.  ‘Oshichi’ is the name of the doll and she is historically famous 16-year-old girl who was put to death by burning at the stake for committing arson.  Oshichi committed the crime because she was dying to see her lover. After she was executed, her lover made a pilgrimage throughout the rest of his life.  
While I was gazing at this doll, I became to deeply feel her grief of taking care of his later life. With thinking of Oshichi’s love for him, I came to an idea that I should follow his footprints.  During the trip, I gave a prayer to them at shrines, temples and enshrined natural objects as he might have done so to Oshichi.
We suddenly lose precious lives around us. It brings us deep, inevitable sorrows. The sorrow, on the other hand, is inseparably related to love for others. It has a certain power to empathize with people and we achieve a committed relationship with them.  By sharing it with others, I think we can move out of our past and step forward to the future.  Experiencing sadness makes us grow, and gives us great power to live.
While I was traveling, I could momently feel everything’s pure. I could feel the great nature surrounding us.  Through my trip, I have realized we are all alive on the earth with the same fate. I want to value this bond and will keep on going day by day. 

私はある人形館で魅惑的な八百屋お七の人形に出会いました。 お七とは、恋人に会いたい一心で放火事件を起こし火刑に処された歴史的に有名な少女です。残された恋人は僧となり一生涯、巡礼の旅をして過ごしたと言われています。私はこの江戸時代の史実に基づく物語に興味を持ちました。 人形を見つめていると、少女が残した恋人のその後の人生について深く心を痛めているように感じ、私は人形の思いを抱いて、恋人の巡礼の後をたどる旅に出ることにしました。旅すがら、しばしば少女の気持ちを感じ、静かな悲しみが漣のように押し寄せてきました。 私たちは、人生の局面で大切なものを失うことが多々有ります。失い嘆いても私たちは時間を元に戻すことはできません。永遠を願ってもいつかは死を迎える存在です。その厳然たる掟の前ではどうすることもできない悲しさを私達は背負って生きています。 一方悲しみは他者への愛と分かち難くあり、人を共感させ、結び付ける大きな力を持っています。私は、この悲しみに共感することで、悲しみから共に一歩踏み出すことができる、これは私たちに与えられた大きな力なのではと思いました。 この地にあるすべてのものが同じ宿命を背負い、共感できるものとして存在しているのだと思った時に、広い世界との深いつながりを感じました。

All Images Given from Once-in-a-lifetime encounters

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