eda yoshio

eda yoshio ⁄ 江田よしお


In 1971, I was born in Nagasaki. My family had run a family-run photo studio there. In 1945, my father was exposed to the bomb’s radiation within about 1.1 kilometers of ground zero in Nagasaki. I was brought up as the second generation of the atomic-bomb survivors. From a young age, I have grown up helping my father with the photo studio and learned photography skills. While I was fiddling with computer and facilities in the studio, I started to be interested in electric system. I was away from the photography for a while and joined the equipment company.
A few years later, I have resumed photo activity because of the generalization of the digital single-lens reflex camera. It’s been more than 70 years since the atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki city. In 2015, the A-bomb exhibition was held. When I visited there, I felt a sense of crisis. If we don’t do anything, the tragic experience of the explosion would be faded. If we forget the pain of the past, people might repeat the same mistake over and over again. Now I’ve been thinking what I can do to the world peace. In order to find the answer, I’ve worked hard with trial and error to make good artworks.

幼少時より家業を手伝いながら写真技術を学ぶともに、写真館にあったオフィスコンピュータやラボ設備をおもちゃとするうち、電気系への興味が強まり装置系企業に入社。同時に一旦写真活動から離れた。 その後、デジタル一眼レフの一般化とともに写真活動を再開した。


My photography project, “Next Instant” is my “action” and “trial”. I want to tie people who have been suffering from the pain of atomic bomb and those who want to avoid nuclear ending through my artworks.
No one wants to get the pain of the A-bomb. No one wants to experience the A-bomb. However, the world is full of nuclear weapons and few people try to face this reality. I wonder how many people get active to stop this nuclear problem. Albert Einstein, who is incorrectly recognized as the A-bomb developer, said “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.” People pray but do nothing, which makes the world a dangerous place. So I want to say it out loud; let’s take action.
In my artworks, I express the last few moment of the atomic bomb. In other words, the bomb was already dropped and this moment is too late. Making artworks is one of my actions. I keep taking photographs for not repeating the same mistakes with nuclear.

Next InstantというProjectは私の「行動」であり、被爆の痛みと核による終末を避けたいと願う人々を結びつけ、彼らの背中を押す事で平和を推し進めよういう試みです。
何もせず、願うだけであることこそが、世界を危険にしていると、「行動」を起こせと。 だから動こうではありませんか。
このProjectが見せるのは被爆の痛みが生まれるわずか前の瞬間です。 見えた時にはすべてが手遅れの瞬間です。

All Images Given from Once-in-a-lifetime encounters

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