Hiroaki Hasumi

Hiroaki Hasumi ⁄ 蓮見浩明


In 1960, I was born in Saitama prefecture, Japan. From a young age, I have been interested in making things. As a motorcycle engineer, I have researched and developed many kinds of the latest models for 38 years. I took advantage of this full of creative energy, and I’ve started to take photographs and make artworks. In my artworks, I try to express unique spirituality of Japanese people. Through my artworks, I want to communicate with many people in the world and contribute to make the world better place where we can understand each other across cultures and borders.
In 2015, one of my photo series, which was made under the theme of Sakura, or cherry blossoms, was exhibited in “Fotonptte#2”, an art photo festival in Trieste, Italy. Moreover, they had been introduced in web-magazine in Portland. And they had come up for charity auction held in Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego.

2015年、桜をテーマとしたシリーズはイタリアのトリエステ市で開催されたアートフェスティバル“Fotonotte #2”で展示され、その他アメリカやポーランドのウェブマガジンで紹介された。2017年、アメリカのMuseum of Photographic Artsで開催されたチャリティーオークションの出展作品に採用された。


For my photo series about Sakura, or cherry blossoms, I have explored the relationship with Japanese people and Sakura for 5 years. I have created my artworks widely from printing on Washi paper to making a gilt folding screen. I tried to express Japanese spirits in my artworks. Now, my new project, “Samadhi” has started. In this project, I’m making the artworks under the theme of Karesansui. Karesansui or dry landscape garden is one of the Japanese traditional gardens which were developed at temples of Zen Buddhism in Muromachi era (1338-1573). It is mainly constructed with rock arrangements and white sand. As civilization progresses, people become attached to their belongings. Therefore, there are incessant conflicts in this modern world. I think Karesansui can release us from daily suffering. I tried to express the world of meditation which Zen monks might see. I want many people to understand what true happiness is through my photographs. I see the eternal value in the garden and think of the long history of the stones and sand there. For my art works this time, I integrated Platinum Palladium Print technique.


All Images Given from Once-in-a-lifetime encounters

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