Setsuko Kanie

Setsuko Kanie ⁄ 蟹江節子


Nationality : Japanese (live in Yokohama)
Academic 1978-81 Tokyo Economic University, Tokyo,Japan graduate courses in Economics and Essays of Mass Media. At work
1985-1991 Freelance Copywriter
1991-1996 Editer in Kodansha (Major publishing company in Japan) I edited a lots of Picture books and Photo books and published some own books.
1998~ Freelance Writer and Editer I interviewed and gathered data over two hundreds Professional photographers
(including the overseas photographer) for a Japanese photo magazine. I have been educated writing and editing in professional school.
2011 collect data Les Rencontres d'Arles
2012 collect data FOTO FEST in Huston
I have a good reputation for instruction of how to write artist statement.
2013 collect data lensculture fotofest paris
2014 collect data FOTO FEST in Huston
2014 collect data Les Rencontres d’Arles
2014 collect data PHOTOVISA in Krasnidar, Russia
2015 start the lecture of writing Artist statement in Tokyo
2016 collect data FOTO FEST in Huston


Setsuko Kanie Setsuko Kanie


As a writer, she has interviewed more than 300 photographers in the country and overseas. While she has edited some picture books, she has published many books by herself. Since 2011, she has been involved with the international photographic market such as Les Rencontres de la Photographie (Arles, France), Foto Fest Biennial (Huston, America) and photolucida (Portland, America). She learned fine art market in the world and covered international portfolio reviews and Paris Photo, a photographic trade show. With making use of her experiences, she started to give lectures for photographers how to make good artist statements and artworks from a philosophical point of view. She has built a great network with experts of photographic art and organizers in overseas, and she is working hard to help Japanese photographers. Her efforts are a great help to those who want to become worldwide photographers.

ライターとして国内外の写真家300名以上を取材し、Picture bookの編集などに携わる傍ら、著書を多数出版。2011年からはLes Rencontres de la Photographie(フランス・アルル)、Foto Fest Biennial(ヒューストン)、photolucida(ポートランド)などの大規模な海外ポートフォリオレビューや写真専門の国際見本市 Paris Photo などを取材し、世界のファインマーケット市場について学ぶ。その経験を活かして、アーティストメント・ステートメントや作家の哲学のつくり方をレクチャーするセミナーなどを開催している。また、海外で出会ったPhotographic Artのエキスパートやオーガナイザー、写真作家たちとの交流を図りながら、日本の写真作家たちが海外で活躍できるように尽力している。

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