Setsuko Kanie Setsuko Kanie

Setsuko Kanie ⁄ 蟹江節子


Setsuko Kanie has been involved with publishing many books and photo books as an editor. She has started to create videos in the 1990s. As a writer, she had interviewed 300 photographers in Japan and overseas. She has published many books about photography and nature. Since 2012, she has covered the story of Portfolio reviews abroad, international photo festivals, and Paris Photo. From the experiences in foreign countries, she started to think about the artists’ philosophy for the artwork, which is essential, and learn how to write the artist statements. As a director of SAMURAI FOTO, she teaches and helps members to write their artist statements. SAMURAI FOTO aims to make a bridge between countries and wants to contribute to the international community. In recent years, she has focused on creating video productions as her own activities.

編集者として、多くの書籍や写真集の出版に携わると同時に、1990年代から映像制作を開始。ライターとして国内外の写真家300名にインタビューを行ない、写真及び自然に関する著書も多数出版する。2012年からは海外のポートフォリオレビューや国際写真フェスティバル、パリフォトなどを取材。その後、アート写真作品に不可欠な「作者の哲学」と「アーティスト・ステートメント」のつくり方を教え始める。SAMURAI FOTOのディレクターとして、それらをメンバーにも指導している。写真作品で他の国との架け橋を作り、国際社会に貢献することが目的である。ここ数年は自身の活動として映像作品にも注力している。

2011 report Les Rencontres d'Arles
2012 report FOTO FEST in Huston
2013 report lens culture FOTO FEST Paris
2014 report FOTO FEST in Huston
2014 report Les Rencontres d’Arles
2014 report PHOTOVISA in Krasnodar, Russia
2015 start the lecture of writing Artist statement in Tokyo
2016 report FOTO FEST in Huston
2017 report PHOTO fest. KZ in Kazakhstan
2018 report Taipei Art Photo
2019 report Contemporary Photo fest in Novosibirsk
2020 report “Landscape:East meet West”exhibition in LA

Movie Direction

Corporate promotion

CANON lens PV 2010

Tamron lens PV 2011

Wacom intuos3 PV 2010


“ Samadhi“ by Hiroaki Hasumi

“ BORDER “ by Shigeru Yoshida


Short cinema

“ Ten years since Fukushima “

BTS of “ Ten years since Fukushima “

Book Direction and wrihting

The Catalog of Japanese painting "Institute Exhibition” 2019~2021

“Japanese trees where god lives” Kodansha Inc. 2013

“The giant Baobab” Kodansha Inc. 2005

“The sacred trees in the world” Kodansha Inc. 2002

“To the Millennium Forest_Yaku island” Aspect co ltd. 2000

“The answer book for digital camera” Kodansha Inc. 2004

“Shimanto River, the cleanest stream” Mountain&valley Inc. 1999

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