Kazuhiro Sasaki

Kazuhiro Sasaki ⁄ 佐々木一弘


While working as a civil engineer, I also work as a photographer. I have started taking pictures of wild birds by DLSR since 2003. Also, I took many pictures in yosakoi dance festival and motor racing circuit. I had a private and group exhibition. I won many photography awards in photo contests.
The disaster caused by the heavy rainfall across the Kanto region in 2015 led me to start a new photography project. I expressed the dam construction technology in my artworks. The disaster made me think deeply what we can do to coexist with nature and what I should do to maintain a high convenient life without destroying nature. Dams support our lives by controlling water, make our lives functional and comfortable. And we can’t forget people who involved dam construction. I re-realized they played an important part in our lives. Through my artworks, I want to hand down their technology to the next generations.
Since 2012, I have joined SAMURAI FOTO. As I had a chance to be exposed international photo culture through the activities, the experience was a great help for me to make the artworks.
My photography activities;
・Solo exhibition in 2012
・Photo Folio Review at Les Rencontres de la Photographie in Alres in 2014
・Portfolio Reviews at FOTO FEST in Houston in 2016

土木技術者として勤務しながら写真家としても活動する。2003年よりデジタル一眼レフカメラによる野鳥撮影を開始。よさこい踊りやサーキットなどを撮影し、個展、グループ展に出展する。フォトコンテスト等での受賞暦多数。2015年の関東地方を襲った豪雨による災害を契機に、利便性の高い生活を維持し、人が自然との共存するために我々は何をするべきなのかとの思いをもって創作を開始。機能的で快適な生活を支えるダムなどを維持するために働く人の力が必要であることを改めて認識し、それらの技術力を表現することで、次世代に伝えていきたいと思っている。2012年個展開催、2014年アルル国際写真フェスティバル・フォトフォリオレビュー、2016年ヒューストンFOTO FESTポートフォリオレビューに参加。2012年よりSAMURAI FOTOに参加し、国際的写真文化に触れ影響を受けつつ作品づくりを行っている。


The more people’s life get comfortable, the more relationship between people and nature changes. Deforestation and using fossil fuels lead the global warming. The wildlife ecosystem changes and some of them become extinct. The climate changes dramatically as well. In 2015, the heavy rain caused severe flooding after river embankments collapsed in Kanto area. It caused damages then year after year. Droughts, on the other hand, also occur and it seems difficult to control water. Due to maintain our comfortable lives, we have to fight against the natural disasters and move toward the next step. Japan has many skillful engineers. With their efforts, we need to advance the development and maintain a fine balance with nature. We also need proper maintenance of structures and adjust them to the environment. It is necessary to cultivate human resources to manage, too. I’d like to show those engineers’ thoughts in my photographs.  


All Images Given from Once-in-a-lifetime encounters

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