Zenji Uehara

Zenji Uehara ⁄ 上原ゼンジ


As an experimental photographer, I have been making artworks while doing various kinds of experiments on photography. Also, I have been thinking a new way of photographic expressions. The unique lenses, Soratama or ball lends filter and bellows lens that I contrived got commercialized. Luckily, they are used by many photo enthusiasts around the world.
In 1986, I joined “Photo Session ‘86”. I met a famous photographer, Daido Moriyama and learned photography from him for 2 years. I was affected by him and decided to be a photographer. I originally worked as a book editor but I left publishing company in 1987. Ever since I held a solo exhibition at “PLACE M” in Shinjuku, I have held some other exhibitions at “epSITE” (Shinjuku) and “Sony Imaging Gallery” (Ginza). I have published some photo books; “Uzura no Wakusei”, Planet of the quails (Raichosha), “Circular Cosmos” (Publishing House Sakura) and so on. I have written many technical books on Photoshop and color management as well.

実験写真家。写真に関するさまざまな実験をしながら作品を製作。新たな写真表現を目指している。また、自ら考案した『宙玉(そらたま)』(ボールレンズフィルター)や『蛇腹レンズ』は製品化され、世界中に多くの愛好家がいる。1986年、写真集団『フォトセッション '86』に参加。写真家森山大道に2年間写真を見てもらう。もともと本の編集者だったが、森山の影響から1987年に出版社を退職、写真家を志す。1996年の『PLACE M』(新宿)での個展以降、『エプサイト』(新宿)や『ソニーイメージングギャラリー』(銀座)などで個展を開催。写真集には『うずらの惑星』(雷鳥社)、『Circular Cosmos』(桜花出版)などがある。またフォトショップやカラーマネージメントに関する技術書も多く執筆している。


In my photography projects, there are two themes; “Small invention” and “Small discovery”. Since the camera has been equipped on cellphones, photography has become familiar to our lives. However, people rarely think why and how the camera works. They just accept as the way they are. By using analog techniques, such as mirror and shaky camera motion, I try to go back to the photo-basic. I made a camera lens by myself. In the meanwhile, I come across a new expression. I call it “Small invention”. There is no need to go far to capture a magnificent scene. I try to discover new things in my everyday life. I call it “Small discovery”. With a little ingenuity, we can think and enjoy photography in the daily life. This is the basic concept. I write books and give workshops to tell people the sense of fun in photography.


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