shigeru Yoshida

Shigeru Yoshida ⁄ 吉田繁


He had been pursuing a career as a commercial and magazine photographer in Japan for about 20 years. In 2011, a huge earthquake along with a massive tsunami disaster hit Northern Japan. He visited the affected areas and came across a lot of affected local area residents praying. From this inspiring scene, he decided to create these photography projects in order to send a peaceful message to the world. Prayer gives us peace and calm and hope for living to many people. He has been continuing his effort to make a positive impact in our world through his photography ever since.
He has been trying to build a meaningful bridge with different countries and carries on today around the world.
In 2013, he became a featured fine art photographer at Lumiere Brothers Gallery in Moscow.
In 2014, he was invited "International Photo Festival 'PHOTOVISA' in Krasnodar, Russia.
In 2017.he was invited "International Photo Festival ‘ PHOTO FEST’ in Astana Kazakhstan"

おおよそ20年に渡り、商業写真、雑誌などで写真家として活動して来ましたが、2011年。東日本大震災の後、被災地を訪ね、多くの人が祈っているシーンに遭遇、写真家として何かできることはないかと考え、世界中に日本人の祈り心を届けようと、創作を開始。 祈りは人々に、心の平和と静けさを、そして、生きる勇気を与えてくれます。2013年からモスクワ、ルミエールブラザースギャラリーの契約作家として契約。以後、2014年には、ロシアの国際写真祭"PHOTO VISA"の招待作家として現地にて写真展、講演を行う。2017年にはカザフスタン、国際写真祭"PHOTO FEST"の招待作家として現地を訪問。写真で国際交流をはかり、貢献することを目指している


Through my visits to the disaster-stricken areas following the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, I witnessed many people praying towards the sea, which deprived a lot of lives. And I think The world is going throug a lot of divisiveness rignt now, terrorist attacks occur in many places,too. There is a full of sad stories in the world. Every Project focus on the portray inside prayer, and the purpose of project is sending positive impact on the world. I am making 4 projects.
Praying brings our minds tranquility and peace. I want to make a beautiful bridge to countries and each other. I cannot rebuild the life of survivors or affected peoples. But I can cast a small stone into the waters and create many ripples. My stone is this project. I am trying to express the hidden energy of prayer in my photographs.

2011年の東日本大震災の後、被災地を周り、多くの人が海に向かって祈っているシーンを目の当たりにしました。津波により海は多くの命を奪ったのです。 また、世界は分断が進んでいると思います。そして、多くの場所でテロによる死傷者が出ています。世界は悲しい出来事に満ち溢れています。私のつくっている4つのプロジェクトは祈りの内面にフォーカスしたものです。その目的は、心の動きがポジティブに変わるようなメッセージを送りたいのです。

All Images Given from Once-in-a-lifetime encounters

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