report of photo study tour to Taiwan and presentations


held on November 18th, 2017

In the workshop of this month, we gave a report of the expedition to Taiwan first. We shared what we learned there. next, we did a presentation of our own artworks. Also, we showed photographs which would be submitted to a photo exhibition.

A report of photo-study-tour to Taiwan
by Hiroaki Hasum (蓮見浩明)

We went to Taiwan to learn a wet collodion process and ambrotype photographs. We stayed there from November 11th to 14th. We showed the glass plate that we made in the studio. Unlike digital photos, you can enjoy various final images depending on the chemical coating. We want to make artworks by interacting with those techniques and digital photo processing in the future.

Artwork trials -making an artwork based on one image
by Yoshio Eda, Kazuhiro Sasaki, Motoko Sato, Yumiko Suga, Hiroaki Hasumi, Koji Harada and Yoshitaka Masuda



Using a photo of qiqiyo, a member of Ganref, they created new images by doing photo-retouching and made new artworks with own concepts. Even though they had to use the same picture which wasn’t theirs to make artworks, they could create new photographic images with bold ideas. Therefore it was interesting to see how people got inspired differently by the image. The artwork trial like this is held irregularly several times a year. Their photo skills have much improved and it is a good effect of having the artwork trials.

Presentation of the art works for the photo exhibition
by Sunao Goto, Koji Sasaki, Yumiko Suga, Yoshitaka Masuda
(五島 直、佐々木浩二、須賀由美子、益田悦孝)

They have kept on working energetically to make artworks for a photo exhibition in next February. During the presentation, we could talk about own thoughts and wavers toward the artworks, and everybody advised with each other. It helps photographers to push to the next step. With comparing notes about the statements, they have been working hard on this project to express what they really want to tell with their artworks. Their passion for it is stimulating other members.

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