”2024 グループ写真展 in San Francisco”
Seeing Spirit


2024年 サンフランシスコにて、長年交流のあるアートフォトのグループBAPCさんとグループ展を開催することになりました。場所は、ガーデンがとても有名な、MARIN ART AND GARDEN CENTERになります。担当するキュレターはTrisha Lagaso Goldbergさん。
日程は、March 6 – 12, 2024 (install ~ Mar 6-8 sometime; Opening Rec’n March 10)

3/6 成田発 21:30発(ZG26 予定 所要時間:9時間20分)

3/6 1350着 サンフランシスコ

3/7-8 sometime – Installation

3/9 Exhibition opens

3/10 Opening Reception including Curator talk

3/11 1650発 帰国へ(ZG25 予定 所要時間:11時間10分)  

3/12 成田 2000


・275,000.円 (内金 申込金として150,000円 11月末日までの金額)

現在、エアーを130,000円 に事務手数料20,000円として合計150,000円で計算
宿泊とレンタカーで1日 25,000円で割り振っています。

・エアー (Zip Air 受付荷物 1個  食事は× 席指定×)


Zip air /無料で以下の既定のサイズを満たす。手荷物を2個、合計7kgまでお持ち込みできます。


from cindy
Location:  The Studio at Marin Art and Garden Center, Ross, CA
Dates: March 9 – April 21, 2024 (install ~Mar 6-8 sometime; Opening Rec’n March 10)
Curator:  Trisha Lagaso Goldberg
BAPC lead for the show: Cindy Stokes
Important:  Exhibition will be a joint exhibition with Samurai Foto Collective from Yokohama, Japan.  Several of them plan to travel here to attend the opening in person.

Approximate timeline:
● (this is happening NOW)  Early Nov, 2023 – curator establishes theme for show with brief summary and example images
● November - Members notified of theme
● mid- to late-December  – members submit work for curator to consider for the show
● Early to mid-January, 2024 – Small group meetings with curator to select work
● Late January - Final images selected, artists notified, publicity images selected
● February – Artists prepare exhibition-ready artwork, Show documentation developed.
● March 6-8 sometime – Installation
● March 9 – Exhibition opens
● March 10 - Opening Reception including Curator talk
● March/April – Other programming TBD: Meet the Artists? Joint activities with Samurai Foto visitors?
● April 21 - Last day of exhibition
● April 22-24 – Deinstallation sometime

11月11日 土曜日
I spoke with the administrator Katy at Marin Art and Garden Center (MAGC) on Tuesday about details of our exhibition, and asked for assistance from BAPC members on frames/hangers and art storage. Following is more information on all of it that I think answers many of your recent questions. There are also questions for you in bold. Let me know if you have more questions for me.
please give the following information to Koushi-san
a: We should be able to hang the Ikebana from the ceiling beams or from high on the walls.
b: MAGC has an assistant who helps with specialty installation and MAGC will ask him to help with the Ikebana in March
c: Katy will alert the head gardener at MAGC about the material needs of Ishizuka-san so he can set aside materials when he does a lot of pruning in February.
d: Katy will also alert the gardener of the native basketry garden in case he has reeds or grasses that might also be made available to Koushi-san.
e: Can I get the email address of Koushi-san to give to the head gardener. It would be good for them to be able communicate directly.

MAGC would welcome a Japanese dance performance as part of the exhibition if Samurai/BAPC wish to organize it, and would promote it along with the art exhibition.
a: If the gallery is large enough, MAGC would have it in the gallery itself. Otherwise, there are other locations on the grounds that might work, but they would be separate from the gallery which is not ideal. It will be too cold/rainy in March to hold it at their outdoor performance space.
b: How many dancers are likely?
c: How much floor space will they need?
MAGC does not have the equipment to display high resolution video, so we in BAPC will find a display that can meet the needs of Setsuko-san. There is a gallery attendant on duty during open hours so video equipment will be safe.
a: What size tv/monitor is desired? What resolution is desired? Is a 27” high resolution computer monitor enough, or does it need to be a large TV size like 55”+?
Frames and poster hangers:
A number of BAPC members have spare frames and poster hangers they are offering to lend to Samurai Foto members for the show. We are making a list of type, color, size that they have available now and will provide that list to you within a few weeks. Hopefully there will be frames and poster hangers that meet the needs of most of you coming from Japan.
Housing for rent:
Katy isn’t aware of specific places to rent for Samurai Foto visitors but will ask around. We should not count on her to find housing. I am asking BAPC members for assistance as well.
Curation status:
Trisha our curator is currently reviewing both Samurai and BAPC members portfolios to figure out a theme for the show, which I’ll share just as soon as we have it. She and I will talk next week about it.
Installation help:
MAGC will provide a gallery assistant to help us hang the exhibition and to deinstall. A second assistant can be available for the Ikebana hanging if needed (see 1.b.)
Moveable walls:
MAGC does not have any moveable wall sections that can be put in the central area of the gallery rooms.
MAGC has multiple tables, so if we wish to display any artwork, books, etc. on tables we can. MAGC is excited about the cultural exchange aspect of this exhibition, with the collaboration between the Japanese and US artists. They will endeavor to reach out to organizations and communities here who might be especially interested in the Japanese and Asian aspect of the exhibition and the cultural ties it can bring. E.g. Japanese embassy/cultural office and similar.
Marketing checklist:
Katy provided a list of information we will need to provide to MAGC for their marketing work and the Art Loan Agreement. By end of January, the artists will need to be prepared to provide a complete list of their artwork in the show (title, medium, size, date completed, price, thumbnail image); images for an online gallery (800 px long side); and artist’s account names for Instagram, Facebook and twitter.
An Art Loan Agreement will be completed in February before the exhibition opens.
a: It will list all our artwork and the terms on which it will be exhibited at MAGC.
b: I’ve reviewed a draft with Katy and she is finalizing it (this draft is attached for your review).
c: A representative of BAPC and Samurai Foto will need to sign it on behalf of our members (each member will not have to sign).
Insurance: The artwork will be insured for it’s full value for the duration of the time it is at MAGC for installation through deinstallation.
Transportation of artwork:
No assistance for delivery of the artwork or return shipment will be provided.
Storing art here after the exhibition:
We have one member who may be able to store artwork for you. I will confirm this soon.
Some links:
a: Pictures of the gallery are here
b: Basic guidelines for the exhibition were sent to you a few months ago – that information is also here.
c: A copy of the information in this email is being put on file here

Feel free to contact us.

Nothing will make us happier than having visitors share their thoughts.