A photo seminar and a photo review by Katsuhisa Ogawa


held on October 21th, 2017 at JCII (Hanzomon)

A photographer, Katsuhisa Ogawa has been active in the front lines as a commercial photographer. He has created many artworks since then. Since the early days of digital camera, he has used digital camera and taken in the Photoshop ideas into his artworks. This time, he showed us some of his great artworks and gave feedbacks on the artworks of SAMURAI FOTO member

Process of making artworks of Ogawa

Ogawa has been making folding screen photography for 10 years. He brought some of his works to the seminar this time. He has tried to express the ideal scenery where he wants to meditate.

His view of the world is overwhelming, and the artworks were finished in perfection of detail. They were breathtaking artworks. All the member of SAMURAI FOTO was riveted by the photograph for a while.

For making the artwork, he took a picture of one lotus flower in many batches. Furthermore, he took the picture of each of the leaves and the scenery separately and combined them to make his ideal scenery. This kind of artwork can’t be made without the photo-taking and processing techniques. Besides, the design ability is needed as well.

Ogawa had taken to make the artwork over the year. All the bunch of wisteria of the photograph is in full bloom. There is no dying one. That means the picture looks natural but it actually was intentionally created.

He designed layout for the artwork by putting picture of blooming flower one by one repeatedly, which seemed mind-boggling work. A small bud on the tip of the bunch was carefully recreated in the picture.

Since LFC has appeared, Ogawa has examined closely all sorts of camera lenses. He taught us the perfect focal length for various kinds of lenses.

Portfolio Reviews for members of SAMURAI FOTO by Ogawa
(participants; Michiko Chiyoda, Noriko Aoyama, Kazuhiro Sasaki, Motoko Sasaki, Yoshio Eda and Hiroaki Hasumi)

Ogawa, an ace cameraman of Japan, has a keen appreciation for the artworks. He gave each of us a perfect advice at once. He was interested in Chiyoda’s artworks because it was like a story book.

He praised Aoyama’s artworks that the way of cropping the photo looked bold and he liked it. However, not all the pictures have that impact, so Aoyama should make other artworks close to the best picture.

He advised Sasaki that the panoramic picture of dam should be removed. It is because this picture is too elucidative. Ogawa advised to use the photo of dam discharge in close up, so that the project would give stronger impression.

With Ogawa’s perfect advice for Sato’s artwork, her uncertainness toward her work was dispelled. Ogawa advised how to crop the scenery of the picture and tint the color of the black and white picture.

Eda expressed atomic-bombed scenery in Nagasaki in his picture. He combined a picture of the current scenery of Nagasaki and scary-looked-sky at the moment of the a-bomb. Ogawa said the cloud of the picture is expressed well and the photo cropping work makes his artwork impressive.

This is Hasumi’s first try with LFC. Also, this is his first platinum printing. Ogawa said that Hasumi’s approaching for the main object, trees and forest, is not enough yet and gave some advice how to configure the framework with LFC.

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