Our photographic theme for the exhibition is to make a cultural bridge with Taiwan and have people feel Japanese culture through the artworks. We held a workshop


September 23rd. 2018 / 2018年9月23日

Taipei Art Photo will take place in November. We will join the exhibition and sell our artworks. With some photographers of Tseng, a photo studio in Taipei, we combined classical technique (ambrotyped photography) and digital technology to make a new artwork. We will sell platinum prints and archival pigment print on Washi paper. It is a photographic collaboration with Taiwan and we hope many people feel Japanese culture through our new style of photography.
SAMURAI FOTOが初めてギャラリー機能を持って、自分たちの作品を販売するTaipei Art Photoの開催日まであと1カ月半余りになりました。台湾のTseng工房と協力して、古典技法(アンブロタイプ)とデジタルを融合させた作品などを中心に、プラチナプリント、和紙へのアーカイバル・ピグメントプリントなどをTAIPEI ART PHOTOで展示販売します。台湾と日本の2つの国の協力による結実と日本文化を感じてもらえる作品となるように、参加メンバーの展示作品について話し合いました。

Workshop of Photoshop by Katsuhisa Ogawa

Hiroyasu Sato

Ogawa has used Photoshop for 25 years, since the first version appeared. He taught himself how to use it. He demonstrated special techniques which aren’t written in how-to manual for Photoshop.
およそ25年前に発売されたVersion 1から独学でPhotoshop を使いこなしてきた小川さん。マニュアル本にも載っていない特別な裏技を教えていただいた。

Hiroyasu Sato

One of them was how to use ‘quick and mask’. To darken a part of the road, choose the auto selection tool and use the quick and mask mode, but generally you can’t use the auto selection tool with quick mask mode.

Hiroyasu Sato

This is the image before editing. Choose a road part of this picture by 【auto selection tool】and select 【save the selection】button. Change the part you select into quick mask mode by【channel】, back to 【layer】and darken(lighten) the part with【gradation】and 【tone curve】.

Artworks for Taipei Art Photo (Exhibitor; Kazuhiro Sasaki, Koji Sasaki, Yumiko Suga, Hiroaki Hasumi)
Taipei Art Photo出展作品の発表(佐々木一弘、佐々木浩二、須賀由美子、蓮見浩明)

Kazuhiro Sasaki will exhibit some of his photographs of wild birds in big cities. Taking pictures of wild birds in big cities is his life time’s work. He chose relatively colorful pictures which seem to suit the energetic city of Taiwan. He heard other member’s opinions.

Many people liked the picture that has a strong sense of wild bird. Also, it shows a feeling of wabi sabi or Japanese sense of beauty. And the space is well-used in this picture. After all, the picture with Japanese sense is chosen than flashy one.

Koji Sasaki showed three photographs, winter scenery in Hokkaido, birds and landscape with a temple. He was wondering which one would suit for the exhibition. As we want to sell our artworks this time, we advised him to choose the artworks which would be more successful for sale. Even from other project, everyone chose the artwork that expresses ‘Japan.’

As we want to sell our artworks this time, we advised him to choose the artworks which would be more successful for sale. Even from other project, everyone chose the artwork that expresses ‘Japan.’

As Suga is a flower designer, she took photographs of flower arrangements which she thought people in Taiwan would like. She tried classical technique, ambrotyped photography and used wet plate.

The photograph isn’t printed on the paper but put on the wet plate. This one was made with photographers of Tseng, who are well known as experts of classical technique of photography. This artwork became the one that built a cultural bridge between Taiwan and Japan.

Hasumi is going to exhibit his art project, ‘Samadhi’, at SOUTHEAST MUSEUM OF PHOTOGRAPHY in Daytona State College in November, and he showed us some of his artworks.
蓮見さんは来年11月にアメリカのDaytona State CollegeにあるSOUTHEAST MUSEUM OF PHOTOGRAPHYで招待展示される予定のプロジェクト「Samadhi」から選んだ作品。

His photographs are evoked Rene Magritte’s paintings. He expresses the spirits of Zen which comes from Karesansui or Japanese rock garden. He used digital technology and platinum palladium print for his artworks.

Our new member, Seiji Kazui had been on the shooting trip and over the past six months, he had been considering what he really wanted to express in his photography. He showed us some of his photographs from the trip. He says he gets to know about his goal and starts to write an artist statement.
SAMURAI FOTOに入会したばかりの数井さんはここ半年ばかり、自分が何を撮りたいかを考えながら旅をして撮影したものを持参。何が撮りたいかは見えつつあるのでステートメント製作に取り掛かることになった。

Eda tried a documentary photography project. Shorobune or the boats of souls is once floated into the ocean as the event of Bon festival but in recent years, they are loaded on the truck and broken down. The project also approaches environmental problems.

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