We did a final check for Taipei Art Photo, and make a visited to a photo exhibition of 6 Russian photographers.

Taipei Art Photoでの展示及び販売のための準備と、ロシアの写真家6名による写真展を見学

October 13th, 2018 / 2018年10月13日

We did a final check and preparations for the shipment to Taipei Art Photo. For starters, we checked the conditions of each of artworks, the numbers and the size of them, and the signatures. And then we ordered the mats for picture framing. After we finished packing, we went to AiDEM PHOTO GALLERY “SIrius” in Shinjuku. They held a six Russian Photographers Exhibition, “Mysteries of Russian Landscape”. The photographs were selected by Russian curator, Andrey Martynov. He held a gallery talk at the exhibition and we enjoyed it as well.
SAMURAI FOTOが自分たちの手で作品を販売するTaipei Art Photoの出展作品の発送手配を行ないました。まずは出展作品のプリントの状態をチェック。出展点数とサイズ、エディションやサインなどを確認した後に、額装のためのマットを発注。発送のための荷造りなどの準備をしました。 終了後は新宿にあるアイデムフォトギャラリー「シリウス」へ。アンドレイ・マルティノフさんがキュレーションしたロシアの6名の写真家による「Mysteries of Russian Landscape」を見学するとともに、アンドレイさんのギャラリー・トークを聴きに行きました。

A final check of the artworks for TAP
(Exhibitors; Hiroaki Hasumi, Yumiko Suga, Kazuhiro Sasaki, Koji Sasaki, Shigeru Yoshida)
TAP出展作品の最終チェック (蓮見浩明、須賀由美子、佐々木一弘、佐々木浩二、吉田繁先生)

Hiroaki Hasumi

These are Hasumi’s artworks for the exhibition. As he was deeply impressed by Karesansui garden, he captured his state of mind in his photographs. He fused digital techniques and platinum palladium prints. We can feel Zen from these 4 photographs.

Hiroaki Hasumi

On the bottom right of the photograph, he wrote the photo’s edition and his signature. A fixative spray was sprayed over the artwork, to prevent pencil writing from smudging. He chose the picture framing mat which can show the letters.

Hiroaki Hasumi

On the back side of the photograph, he wrote the title, the year of shooting and printing and edition. Some people made stickers and put it on the artworks.

Yumiko Suga

Suga exhibits 6 artworks at the exhibition. She tried classical technique, ambrotyped photography, using collodion wet plate for making artworks. She also printed them on the metallic paper with archival pigment ink.

Kazuhiro Sasaki

As Sasaki got some advice from SAMURAI FOTO members, he did UV printing for his artworks on gold and silver metallic paper and will bring them to Taiwan. His artworks were done amazingly. We feel Japanese-ness from the artworks.

Koji Sasaki

Koji Sasaki also drew on SAMURAI FOTO members’ advice, he decided what to bring to Taiwan. He chose two of the closed-up photographs of ducks and the winter scenery photographs in Hokkaido. Those are black and white photographs which were printed with archival pigment ink.

The photograph isn’t printed on the paper but put on the wet plate. This one was made with photographers of Tseng, who are well known as experts of classical technique of photography. This artwork became the one that built a cultural bridge between Taiwan and Japan.

A Photo Exhibition “Mysteries of Russian Landscape”
写真展「Mysteries of Russian Landscape」

Andrey Martynov

Andrey Martynov is a Russian curator, who has been a contemporary artistic director of the Moscow Art Biennale and organized more than 250 art exhibitions not only in Russia but in many countries such as France, Italy, Japan, Germany and the U.S. He has selected 6 photographers’ artworks for this exhibition in Japan.

From nearly 60-year-old photographers to young photographers of a different generation have taken photographs of vast nature of Russia. From a traditional landscape to a conceptual art, there were a wide variety of artworks. About 100 photographs were exhibited there.

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