We discussed what we should do and prepare for the group exhibition in LA, Italy and Saint Petersburg.


September 21st, 2019 / 2019年9月21日

From October 18th to November 7th this year, EXHIBITION will be held in a gallery in LA. 33 selected photographers from 8 countries will exhibit their artworks. 6 photographers from SAMURAI FOTO were also selected and they will join the opening ceremony.
Yoshida advised the members what he always keeps in mind for the big event like this. And we got a chance to see Deborah in LA this time, we will show her our artworks. So, we prepared for that.
来月10月18~11月7日までロサンゼルスのギャラリーでEXHIBITIONが開催され、8カ国から33名の写真作家が作品の展示を行います。その中に、SAMURAI FOTOメンバー6名も選出され、オープニングセレモニーに参加することになりました。そういうときのために日頃から心がけておくべきことを吉田先生から教えていただきました。また、その渡航のついでにMOPAの館長であるデボラ・クロチコさんにSAMURAI の他のメンバーの作品も見ていただけることになったので、その準備を行いました。

Considering SAMURAI FOTO’s future group exhibition
今後のSAMURAI FOTOのグループとしての海外展示の確認

Samurai Foto Meeeting / For SHATTO GALLERY

SHATTO GALLERY in LA. Our photo exhibition will be held from October 18th to November 7th.

2019年10月18~11月7日まで展示が行われるロサンゼルスのSHATTO GALLERY

Samurai Foto Meeeting / For BID art space

The BID gallery in Italy. Our group exhibition will be held in April, 2020.
2020年4月にSAMURAI FOTOのグループ展が予定されているイタリア・サンマリノ近くのTHE BID ギャラリー。
The BID gallery Homepage

amurai Foto Meeeting / For ERARTA Museum

ERARTA Art Museum in Saint Petersburg, the Art Hall of Fame in Russia. Our group exhibition will be held for two months there in autumn, 2020.
ERARTA Art Museum Homepage

What we need for the exhibition in abroad (Shigeru Yoshida and Hiroaki Hasumi)

Samurai Foto Meeeting / Shigeru Yoshida

Whenever we join the exhibition in abroad, speech is demanded. The speech should touch people’s heart and should be impressive. Yoshida told how to write a good speech to entertain people. He held up the Prime Minister Abe’s speech as an example.

Samurai Foto Meeeting / Hiroaki Hasumi

Hasumi got an offer to make a contract from a gallery in Portugal. They found Hasumi’s artworks on the website of the photo contest in abroad. Hasumi said that artists should be fully prepared for in various situations all the time.

Samurai Foto Meeeting / MOPA

Luckily, a director of MOPA (one of the largest photo museums in the US) will check our new artworks at the opening ceremony in LA. In order not to miss a chance like this, we always have to be ready for it. It is necessary to carry around our own artworks and short statements all the time.
Museum of Photographic Arts Homepage

Presentation of artworks (Koji Sasaki, Yasuhiro Sato, Michiko Chiyoda, Hiroaki Hasumi and Koji Murata)

Koji Sasaki

Koji Sasaki has been working hard on two new projects for the group exhibition in 2020. He showed the wind motif photographs in the new edition. Some members suggested that Sasaki’s statement should be more enhanced.

Koji Sasaki

In another project, Sasaki expresses Japanese old road with using ‘cut’ technique. In his photo, members pointed that the image of path leading up to the end doesn’t make a high-impact impression.

Samurai Foto Meeeting /Yasuhiro Sato

Yasuhiro Sato has been working hard relentlessly for the group exhibition in abroad, based on what he learned with us.
SAMURAI FOTOで学んだことをベースに、粘り強く海外でのグループ展に参加するためのプロジェクトを進めている佐藤裕保さん。

Samurai Foto Meeeting /Yasuhiro Sato

Black color and white color occupy a great part in Sato’s artworks. We talked about which paper would be the best for his works and we all agreed with the FL TOKUYAMA’s paper which mixes plaster and pearl. The paper hasn’t been released to the public yet.

Samurai Foto Meeeting /Chiyoda

Chiyoda will have a solo exhibition in Milano, Italy in October and in Tokyo in November. She wants to know if it works to start the new project with the photographs that she used in Tokyo exhibition.

Samurai Foto Meeeting / Hiroaki Hasumi

Hasumi’s project “Samadhi” has been exhibited in abroad now. Originally, the artwork consists of 15 photographs, but he added 5 more photos to the project. He showed those 5 photos this time.
蓮見さんは海外で展示されているSamadhi プロジェクトを15枚から20枚に増やして完結させたとのことで、その追加作品を公開してくれました。

Samurai Foto Meeeting / Hiroaki Hasumi

Furthermore, he showed the new project. The photographs of cherry blossoms in Fukushima, printed on the platinum paper, was softly colored and sensitive. They were extremely beautiful.

This is Murata’s artworks which he prepares for showing Deborah, a chief currator of MOPA. We can hardly meet such a chief curator like her, even at Portfolio reviews. Murata has been working hard on his project and they got better and better.

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