The Photo Exhibition of SAMURAI FOTO 2018
Free seminar; Ise Washi, a good photo-printing paper by Yoshie Nakagita


held on March 3rd, 2018 / 2018年3月3日 開催

From February 27th to March 4th, SAMURAI FOTO held our 4th Photo Exhibition, “Making a beautiful bridge” at Subway Gallery M in Minatomirai station, Yokohama. There, a president of Taiho Washi Kogyo Co. Ltd. Yoshie Nakagita held a free seminar; Full and Rich artworks printed on Ise Washi, a historic Japanese paper related to The Ise Grand Shrine.
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Provided by Taiho Washi Kogyo Co. Ltd.

2018年2月27~3月4日、横浜・みなとならい駅にある「サブウェイギャラリーM」で開催されたSAMURAI FOTO写真展4th “Making a beautiful bridge”において、大豐和紙工業(株)代表取締役である中北喜得氏によるセミナー『神宮ゆかりの伊勢和紙で味わい深い作品を』を開催しました。
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協力:大豐和紙工業 株式会社 

Ise Washi; a venerable Japanese paper that Japan boasts to the world

Taiho Washi Kogyo Co. Ltd was established in 1899. For more than a century, they have valued the old technique and the tradition and made washi paper as a votive offering. The paper is used for Taima or Shrine amulet, a charm and a calendar.

This is the photo of main entrance of Taiho Washi Kogyo Co. Ltd in Ise-shi in Mie prefecture. They create a Taisho modern atmosphere around there. The second floor of the house is used as a gallery for Ise Washi. They introduce crafts of Ise Washi and show the wide use of washi paper.

Nakagita invented Ise Washi printing paper. As he has been taking pictures and searching for a perfect printing paper for his photographs. This is a trigger for the invention of the paper. This paper is well-thought-out.

Well considered paper for printing; Ise Washi

During the exhibition, visitors brought their photo data and handed them to Nakagita. He retouched the photo data and printed it on Ise washi which he picked. He is good at choosing the right washi paper for the right photographs. He knows a lot about washi paper and thanks to him, it became a high-quality photo-printing paper.

The material of washi paper is Kozo, Mitsumata, Ganpi, Basho and etc. They don’t give the chemical process on this paper in order to remain the texture of washi. The colors don’t run and it’s good for ink jet printing.

The Table shows the types and the textures of washi. The machine-made-paper has various kinds of colors and characteristics. There are seven kinds of hand-made-paper. Some of them are deckle-edged. The size of paper is full of variety.

This Table shows the cut size of washi paper. The machine-made rolled paper is 860mm in width and the hand-made rolled paper have the size of 640mm x 970mm and 540mm x 1350mm. You can request the cutting size from among these.
こちらは伊勢和紙の切り出し方の例。機械漉き和紙は860mm幅のロールから、手漉き和紙のシリーズは「菊判」(640mm×970mm) や「聯落ち」(540mm×1350mm) から切り出す。この中からの切り出しであればサイズのリクエストもできる。

This Table is the distribution chart of color strength of Ise Washi. Nakagita practically printed photographs on the paper by ink jet printer. Generally washi is considered to be difficult to show the color strong but some of Ise washi, such as ‘Basho’ and ‘Fuga’ can print black color strongly.

You can purchase Ise washi by online shop, Yodobashi camera, a Japanese electronics chain store and Ozu washi, a Japanese traditional paper wholesale store. You can also download ICC profile from the site of Ise Washi.伊勢和紙は伊勢和紙館オンラインショップ、ヨドバシカメラ、小津和紙など購入できるだけでなく、伊勢和紙のサイトからはICCプロファイルもダウンロードできる。
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The reason why SAMURAI FOTO members love Ise Washi Paper

Many of SAMURAI FOTO members love to use Ise washi. Some of them experienced making washi paper by hands a few years ago. They will have photo exhibition at Ise washi gallery.
SAMURAI FOTOメンバーには伊勢和紙の愛用者が多い。数年前には工房で手漉きの体験もさせてもらったこともあり、伊勢和紙ギャラリーでは今秋に作品展を開催する予定のメンバーもいる。

Murata, one of the members has been using Ise washi for his artworks for 4-5 years. He uses washi paper called ‘Ise washi Art Basho’ this time. He says this paper is better than glossy paper and matte photo paper. Because the paper shows black color well like Basho paper and it makes the photo more artistic photography. 試作中の「伊勢和紙Art 芭蕉」のロールを使用した村田さんは4、5年、伊勢和紙を使用中。光沢紙やマット紙よりアートっぽく仕上がることと、芭蕉のように黒の濃度が出る紙があるのが使い続ける理由になっている。

Murata likes the texture of Ise washi and the rich quality. There are variety kinds of hand-made washi paper. Moreover, there are the samples of seven kinds of washi paper. You just try to print your photos and find the right paper for your photograph. There is not a good washi paper such as Ise washi that has wide variety of paper.

Chiyoda uses Ise washi called ‘Fusho’. She likes this soft shiny paper. In her art work this time, there are many gray sky parts and they give flat impression. Thanks to the Fusho paper, it helps to give the photographs richness and depth.

Hasumi tried platinum palladium print for his artworks this time. It is difficult for doing platinum printing on washi paper but he is eager to make use of the texture of washi paper in his artworks.

Ise washi can accommodate photographers’ request. Hasumi and Nakagita are now developing a new type of washi paper for platinum printing, using Mitsumata. They are spending days of trial and error, but we are looking forward to the completion.

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